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The tiles in our office building are very old, but they are still in excellent shape because of the way this professional company cleaned them. They are the best tile cleaning service i found and have done such a great job cleaning and sealing & protecting our tiles.

Mike Farhan, St Kilda

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Tile Cleaners Carrara

We offer a full range of tile cleaning services, from regular cleaning, sealing, repairing and protecting tiles, regrouting.

If you are looking for a quality tile cleaning service at an affordable price, please give us a call on 1300 771 201. If you are looking for more information on our tile cleaning services, click through to see more details on our list of services:

Tile & Grout Cleaning Carrara
Marble Polishing Carrara
Marble Grinding Carrara
Sealer Stripping Carrara
Tile Repair Carrara
Regrouting Carrara
Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting Carrara
High Pressure Cleaning Carrara
Mould & Algae Treatment Carrara
Efflorescence Treatment Carrara
Silicone / Exp Joint Replacement Carrara
Maintenance Carrara

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  • Q: Does the sealer change the appearance of the grout?
  • A: No it does not. Tile Cleaners Gold Coast® Impregnating Penetrating Sealer will not change or alter the texture of you grout, nor give it a glossy finish. It will only protect and preserve your grout lines with no compromise.
    • Q: Will sealing the grout in the shower stop mould developing?
    • A: Tile Cleaners Gold Coast® sealing will help protect the grout and also make it easier to clean. The high-level humidity environment in the shower is the perfect place for mould to grow and spread, therefore, the sealer cannot prevent mould from growing but it will indeed help protect the grout and make it easier to clean there after. Some of the best techniques that will help prolong the life of the grout is to use a quality grout with an anti-mould additive, seal the new grout, keep the area dry and well ventilated and avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals.
      • Q: Can honing result in my surfaces becoming slippery?
      • A: Honing can provide a degree of slip resistance to your surfaces. Polished surfaces are often slippery when wet and honing is an excellent way to create an extra degree of safety. Please call one of our knowledgeable customer service for more advice regarding your surface.

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